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Powerful Gear for Job Hunting? Beauty Lessons Open Path to Business Professionals

July 13, 2017

Akari Aoki, Megumi Kitazawa, Mai Watanabe, and Misa Ogura

In Japan, people usually graduate from college in March and start working as freshmen employees from April 1. Most Japanese companies officially start recruiting of college students in June and from the next April the newly-employed are sent to in-company vocational training program. Big Japanese corporations have the practice of life-long employment system so that it is very important for college-grads to be chosen as a rooky for freshmen employee if they want to secure long-term stability.

In reality, most students begin preparing for job hunting right after they advance to the third year and they try hard to make them look better than their friends and classmates. In the job hunting (shukatsu), there is the “job hunting style” for suits, makeup, and hair making, which most human resources professionals like. Although it is very difficult task for students to differentiate themselves from other candidates while wearing in the typical shukatsu uniform, they have to meet the contradicting requirements to secure their future jobs. Especially in shukatsu, first impression is very important factor.

On the first day of official starting of job hunting, at the Showa Womens’ University, beauty lessons for junior students was held to show their cleanliness and brightness in their appearances. Students usually enjoy using colorful make-up cosmetics. But professional beauty instructors said the most important factor was transparency of the skin and that people should have spent more time on skin care; massaging the face, spreading the base cream and foundation.

Make-up in detail with colorful cosmetics are not for exaggerate ones faces but it make people look more self-confident and beautiful. For women students, gaining the self-confidence through make-up is important process in preparing for an interview.

In Japan, most business women decently make up themselves. Students could learn not only the makeup technique as a business person but also how to build the self-confidence in the competitive business society.

The 2017 job hunting market for college-grads is said to be the sellers’ one, with the job-to-applicants ratio of 1.78, however, firms are still careful to dramatically increase the job openings. It would be depressing thing for students to be rejected from the preferred companies. But the authors, junior students of SWU, would like to keep the confidence in side of ourselves armed with academic achievement, vocational certificates, and with the career make-up skills.



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