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Can "Sugar Daddies" Save Young Women?

February 27, 2019

Hinano Ikeda

New type of relationship

Recentry, it is said that many young women are working on ‘papa-katsu(papa-activity) in Japan. There is no clearly information about when ‘papa-katsu’ became popular. But since last year, ‘papa-katsu’ word has become popular. This means young women who including university students are given financial support from a middle-age man who has a high- income. It doesn’t matter if they have a wife or children. The reason rich men want to meet young women is that they want to just talk without any criticism, they can feel satisfied with helping young women by own money and it seems like I have grown her.

Basically, they are not including sexual relationship, almost people having a normal date, having an expensive dinner, go shopping and get pocket money. Also in this papa-katsu, there might be have ‘mentor-mentees’ relations. Whereas usually mentee pays for a girl mentees for donation/investment foe girl’s future. But it is not the same things that mistress relationship which was one popular among school girls in 1990s. In 1990s, there were also money negotiation between girl’s and ‘oyaji’.

Young women and papa basically use Internet site or Apps to find each other’s. There are various types of site and App which one has only papa-katsu or matchmaking site. One of the site has conditions when they want to use it. Young women have to path the interview with website operators before registration. And also, men should join with how much money do you earn in one year and what is your job. This kind of site doesn’t say anything word about ‘papa-katsu’ matching site. There is no accuracy date that shows how many Japanese young women doing and how many ‘papa’ in Japan.

Scholarship debt in Japan and US

Unfortunately, some of young women have a financial reason to do papa-katsu such as scholarship debt and for living expense. According to the Japanese student services organization (JSSO;, the scholarship lending rate for the number of students was one in four people in 2003, but increased to one in 2.6 people in 2015.

In the US have same reason about papa-katsu related with scholarship. The website of student loan hero studied ( , in the US university student have a $1.48 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt. This number is about $620 billion more than the total U.S. credit card debt. And 44.2 million Americans with student loan debt. Both Japan and US scholarship debt is men and women alike issue. But it is one cause of papa-katsu for young women. Moreover, the system of support from rich men equipped.

Drama of ‘papa-katsu’ made by Japanese TV….

In 2107, Japanese popular TV broadcaster company broad ‘papa-katsu’. They mention it is a new type of man-woman relationship.

According to director, papa-katsu is used as ‘entrance motif’ in this drama. It is not the theme ‘only yearly difference love’. Anri is the university student who begins to use ‘papa’ to earn living expenses because her mother run away with boyfriend. In the background of this drama, it depicts the contemporary social problem of ‘poor girls’, and also ‘papa’ feels darkness such as pressure, responsibility and human relationships that occur at work place or home. In addition, it is hard to stop and take a step back what we really feel and what is the problems.

Generally, papa-katsu have bad image and dangerous, but for this drama shows peoples loneliness and it is difficult to consult anxiety and trouble in this Japanese social situation.


I can’t agree with papa-katsu system. Because there are no official reels or specific low to protect between young women and men. Actually, papa-katsu inside issue is not clear. We are not saying every papa-katsu is bad. In conclusion, doing papa-katsu or papa is your choice and your responsibility.

Speaking of money issue, Japan, US, and also another country where have a papa-katsu system they need to figure out about young women problem such as poor-girl, scholarship debt. If papa-katsu will more popular, there is no guarantee that something bad incident will occur. Obviously, it is rate after something happen especially for young women.

Searching on the internet about papa-katsu site, we can find many site and apps. In addition, there are a lot of un-official website about how to get good papa. It looks like ‘if you use this site and negotiation, you can get papa which you expect’. These type of websites cause for more young girls who are more internet native age and don’t have enough money.

How do you think is it really good relationship?? Is it completely safe opportunity to meet with people??





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