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Entering NIO Era: A New Eco-Friendly Chinese Vehicle Debuts

April 21, 2022

Manyu Li

Along with economic development, China has always had environmental problems. In recent years, environmental issues have received more and more attention from the general public. With the progress of technology and information and the development of the market economy, the Chinese automotive sector is undergoing great changes.

Development of China's Automotive Industry

New energy vehicles have come into many households with their intelligent configuration and zero pollution to the environment in the past few years. The advantages of new energy vehicles with zero emissions and zero pollution are particularly obvious compared to traditional fuel vehicles. With the improvement of people's living standards, the enhancement of environmental awareness, and the enhancement of people's demand for environmental improvement, the development of new energy vehicles in line with the market has a bright future.

About NIO

To measure whether a company is good or not, it is not only limited to the development, quality, and reputation of products, but also whether it contributes to society and practices corporate social responsibility. Since its inception, NIO has been developing technology, energy-saving, and environmental protection as its goals in the field of new energy. The name means "blue sky coming,'' which represents the vision of pursuing a better tomorrow and creating a pleasant lifestyle for users. NIO has continued to explore and practice the concept of green development in R&D, production, logistics, ecological chain, recycling, and other aspects. Public welfare and environmental protection are also the goals of NIO, a global smart electric car company since its birth.

Leverage the Power of Technology

NIO has actively carried out product lifecycle carbon emission evaluation and continued to promote the reduction of the carbon footprint of the vehicle's entire lifecycle. From the acquisition of raw materials to production and use, to the whole life cycle carbon emission research and accounting of product recycling, NIO gradually established the standard specification for vehicle life cycle carbon footprint evaluation and relies on an advanced carbon emission data management system for systematic accounting and evaluation. At the same time, we are actively promoting the application of low-carbon lightweight materials, such as the use of clean energy aluminum ingots, which has achieved a 70% reduction in carbon footprint for individual parts. The product carbon footprint has become one of the environmental performance requirements for the entire NIO vehicle, and data is collected and accounted for at different points in the NIO product

Blue Sky Lab Project

On April 19, 2021, at the Shanghai Auto Show, NIO Life officially announced the first batch of more than 80 global designers and partner brands participating in the Blue Sky Lab automotive fashion and environmental protection project. At the same time, NIO Life released a fashion label for car recycling to convey the environmental protection concept of material recycling.

As the environmental issues become more and more serious, brands such as Mercedes-Benz and NIO are reflecting their brand social responsibility and reducing their damage to the earth by recycling materials such as car airbags for reuse and designing garments. On the other hand, they have also entered the textile and apparel sector from a sustainable perspective, enhancing their brand competitiveness. Guided by the concept of environmental protection, Blue Sky Lab redesigned and recreated the leftover seat belts, airbags, and Haptex leather from the car manufacturing. With these three automotive grade fabrics deployed as the core materials, the design team created an industrial functional style as the main design language, which revolves around urban, function, and exploration, presenting 59 eco-friendly trendy apparel for users. Blue Sky Lab hopes to attract the best designers from all over the world to participate in this initiative, as well as many users. To make the automotive industry and society as a whole more sustainable by not wasting resources or putting more burden on the earth in the process of development.

On the NIO Day 2021, NIO released the “Clean Parks” Eco-Construction Program to support the use of smart electric vehicles for global nature conservation, build clean energy infrastructure, construct a clean and low-carbon energy self-cycling system, guard the originality and integrity of the ecosystem, and welcome a clearer sky.






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