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1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 

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From the Editorial Team

Palette articles are written by the students of "global business seminar" course  (instructor: Prof. Akiko Imai),  Business Design Department,  Showa Women’s University. Students who are interested in social issues in Japan  operate this website.


We 'd like young people in overseas to know the real situation of Japan through the perspectives of same generation in Japan to build the better world together.


Besides web operation, Palette editorial team organize the events relating to social issues. In 2019, in corporation with the Uprizine editorial team of the Temple University of Japan, we had a joint symposium on a Youth Participation to Politics in Japan. In 2020, we had second symposium titled "Comfort in Crisis: COVID-19 and Student Life" and discuss about widening gap, countermeasures by governments, online education and net literary, and diversity and discrimination surrounding COVID turmoil. 

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